mattress Bergis most desirable brand of mattresses, as well as Bergis brand, as well as other bedding including


Bergis most desirable brand of mattresses, as well as Bergis brand, as well as other bedding including mattress protector, mattress guests, baby mattresses, baby mattresses, Bash, quilt, c u, bedspreads, mattress box, etc. for customer convenience stores Berjis are supplied

Industrial complex Bergis convinced that the main asset of any brand mattresses mattress, its customers, and considering the fact that nowadays with new technologies coming into the mattress industry. Is highly specialized and important industry for the production of mattresses. Berjis mattresses and preserve this valuable asset to customer satisfaction has always been focused on high-quality mattresses Bergis



Berjis one of the top brands in the world and the Middle East Mattress Store Berjis and other agencies that are reasonably priced and the service is available free of charge purchase and our customers

All rugs in this collection has been thoroughly tested and quality of these mattresses have been tested by our technicians and after-sales service mattresses and bedding products carefully checked

Before purchasing any rugs, awareness of mattresses, mattress size, the size of the mattress, the mattress, the mattress warranty mattresses Depending on the age and type of consumer and customer needs is very important. We offer to our customers are prestigious brands of mattresses, the mattresses Berjis years of experience serving the purchase. Group Berjis years in providing mattresses and bedding brand Berjis activities and has numerous subsidiaries

The brand not only to the quality of raw materials used in mattresses but also beautifully mats, durable mattresses, soft mattress, comfort mattress and the mattress has a lot of attention. Industrial Group designs mattress mattress Berjis always try to provide the best in terms of durability and has one of the world’s major mattress brands, including Iran

gold fiber texture and used in the manufacture of mattresses

Mattress Store Berjis unique products including the following products

Perfect Memory Mattress Berjis: This technology fiber mats impregnated with aloe vera is gold tissue magnetic flowmeters

Mat Tango Berjis: This mattress uses a feature rich aloe vera health of your skin look fresh and fights asthma and allergy symptoms

Doral mattresses Bergis: This mattress has all the virtues of aloe vera has anti-allergic and anti-bacterial features are

Berjis Super Sleep Mattresses The mattress with a cloth Kty new formula Guard combat pollution destroys microbes microscopic insects

Mattresses Kamfvrtr Berjis: This soft mattress with springs Bonnell proper has strong resilience of carbon is suitable for low weight.

Berjis Vantvna mats: The mats are woven fabric impregnated with aloe vera gold-tech and high-density foam mattress edges are embedded.

Berjis single mattress bad: This two-sided mattresses with springs made of carbon fiber fabric sofas for those who need more medical firm surface and with the appropriate form to fill lumbar is appropriate.

Mattress Super Sawers Berjis: This technology fiber mats impregnated with aloe gold tissue magnetic flowmeters and right.

Double Star Bergismat: The mats coated fabric tissue soaked in Aloe vera is consistent with the new generation of Poly Astrpr.

Your loved ones can Berjis to any agency mats and after-sales service to keep in touch with our representatives.

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